In the U.S. we just celebrated Labor Day, a chance to unwind with the family and take a break. But can you relax?

“It never ends,” laments a friend. “I’d do anything for some balance.”

Balance: the holy grail for millions of workers. Yet, have you noticed the choices people make? Even when with family some make mental choices that sabotage their experience.

This past weekend was your body sitting at a picnic table while your mind was in the office?

Here’s the elephant in the office: A lot of people blame technology for the breakdowns in quality family time. But in the end pushing the “power” button is a choice – your choice.

Consider there’s a hidden reason why some people feel lost and naked without their Blackberry.


If you’re professionally successful you have demonstrated the ability to deliver results. This means that regardless of the circumstances you’ve been able to control the variables and deliver.

It’s not that easy at home. Over the weekend perhaps you interfaced with – among other things – pooping, crying, money-consuming children; in-laws from Mars; siblings who just don’t “get it”; a spouse who’s improving their nagging score; and a neighbor’s dog that leaves urine-burns on your lawn.

How do you control those variables? How do you create better results in an environment where there are no promotions, no pay increases, and no recognition?

And without realizing it, you pick up the blackberry. You clean up a few emails. You make a few productivity decisions, and you breathe a sigh of relief: you just got your “control” fix.

Consider balance is achieved when you can float in a sea of variables you can’t control and still be “on a roll” anyway. Consider that success at home looks different than it does at work. Perhaps with family it’s not how much you get done, but how much love you can experience.

What constitutes success with your family? Deliver that and enjoy balance.

Where will you lead – where will you stomp elephants – today?



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