‘Tis the season: About now, employees everywhere will be told “thank you” by their bosses (we hope). For some, expensive dinners will be served, champagne uncorked, speeches made, and bonuses paid. And for those who love a good party, laughs will fill the air, toasts will be made, and stories will be told.

Yet, for a few, there’ll be something missing in the ritual. After a year of feeling pressures unimaginable in younger days, of sacrificing time away from families and in some ways feeling as though we were coerced into delivering the effort required to pay for the party…some ask: Was it worth it?

Before 2019 exits the stage there’s one remaining job to do. In addition to celebrating the team and the achievements of targets, we should also identify how we became better for the effort.

In 2019 we created value for the business. Did our lives become more meaningful in the process?

The last job of 2019: Go beyond the “thank you.” In addition to the tiramisu, the music, and the wine, the inspired leaders (for whom we all want to work) will find a quiet moment with their team and ask:

  • What was meaningful for you about our work in 2019?
  • In what ways do you want 2020 to be more meaningful?
  • (Bonus: How will create meaningful moments for your family during the Holidays?)

Was 2019 worth it? If we don’t ask ourselves the question, we may miss 2019’s parting gift.

Activate Your Greatness.

Activate Your Greatness.

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