The media floods our senses with the negatives of politics as we near the 2012 Presidential Election in the U.S.


As leaders what can we control?


If we aren’t careful one might think that:

– The best way to advance an agenda is to attack those with alternative ideas or perspectives.
– Twisting the truth so the facts are misleading somehow moves us forward.
– Making others look bad makes us look good.


Business is vulnerable to the same slow approach that is being advertised at every turn. We, as leaders, must make it a priority to do more than shield our team from this dysfunction – and ensure those on the team are capable of differentiating themselves.


Cultivating and leveraging diverse thoughts and ideas are essential for success. We all know this. Given the poor behavior modeled by politicians, it is not worth the risk assuming the team will automatically know a better way to perform in the heat of the work we are all passionate about.


Political seasons are rich with fodder for arming ourselves with an understanding of what we don’t want. It’s up to us to make clear what we do want. And then equip ourselves to act.


It’s worth having your team consider: What competences do we regularly demonstrate that are the antithesis of politics – and what difference does that make?


We’ve created a space for sharing your thoughts about how business leaders can reveal important lessons for political leaders. Please share your comments below.


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Activate Your Greatness.

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