Latasha Stinette of Kellogg shares the touching, and important impact of “focus” on her life and her daughter’s.

I shared a very personal win with my team and they asked me to share it with the group. I wavered a little as to whether or not I wanted to but it’s so important that I decided I would.


My 4-year-old daughter has a severe speech delay and dysfluency (she stutters). One of the underlying things the Speech Pathologist mentioned is that things can be quite chaotic in a household, sometimes, which probably contributed to her delay in speech. It didn’t hit home with me at the time and to be honest it actually offended me a little. Who was she to tell me that our home was probably “chaotic”?


After attending Pathways to Leadership, the light bulb went on and I immediately went home and starting living the tools and incorporating them into our lifestyle. I realized that for my daughter it was important that I focused completely on her when she began speaking and letting her know that I was listening (the mind can only focus on one thing at a time right?). I immediately noticed that when I gave her my undivided attention and calmed everyone else down in the family for just a moment ( truly a magic moment) the words came flowing out!


It’s emotional, partly because it was such a simple thing and I should have figured it out a long time ago on my own. I can recall several nights at our dinner table where we were all talking and I could heard this little voice saying “me, me, me…” and none of us took a moment to hear her and focus on her! Now with her my Awareness Muscle is extremely strong! When I hear the first “me” I’m focused and looking directly into her eyes and hearing her like I’ve never heard her before! I feel like I know her so much better, she’s funnier than I ever knew, and more expressive than I ever thought! So far this has been the single most important lesson that I’ve learned from Pathways…a small win on a GRAND scale!





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