The Most Awesome Failure - Lightbulb Breaks

Photo Credit: ‘PixelPlacebo’ via Compfight cc


The kid had the biggest smile of them all: He collected his award and raised his fists in the air. You knew he was going somewhere.


The end of the year 6th grade graduation ceremony included an “Ernest Shackleton Award.” Named after the explorer who “failed” in leading his team across the Antarctic, this prize went to the student with “the most awesome failure.” Apparently, his experiment ended up with an aquarium shattering.


With wild applause the educators and parents honored the boy.


That this child was recognized in such fashion is awesome – if you’re into learning. If you can tolerate a mess. If you’re willing to define success as that which comes after “failures.” If you’re serious about creating insights required for breakthrough.


What’s your most awesome failure? Put your fists in the air. Celebrate. And go somewhere.


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Activate Your Greatness.

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