Pop quiz: If you find yourself at the top of a snowy mountain, staring down a ski slope, when are you at the highest risk of injuring yourself?


A) The first run, because it’s been a long time since you’ve skied.

B) In the middle of the day, because someone put too much “hot” in your chocolate.

C) Your last run, because you’ve fallen prey to “just one more!”


If you’re a skier, you know the answer is ‘C’ – the last run of the day is the most important. Yet, for too many skiers, their legs fatigued, their focus somewhere else – they lose control and it’s a “garage sale” time on the way down the mountain.


The best skiers get better with each run down the mountain. And when the sun begins to fade, and they are high on a peak, they look down at their final stretch of snow, they take a deep breath, and… focus.


Right now, you are at the top of the mountain. Take a good look around: 2010 is fading. You can smile. You’ve survived – no, in many ways you’ve thrived. Breathe in that crisp air and feel good about that.

It’s time to stare down the final weeks of 2010. For the average manager, injuries abound: productivity plummets, quality is left to chance, and holiday office parties are used to taint the culture punch bowl rather than strengthen the team.


But not for you. This is the final run of the year. This is when your focus is best. To help your team, ask them:

– As we look back on 2010, what are we most proud of?

– How do we want to finish 2010 so we have great momentum as we start 2011?


2010 isn’t over yet. Now is your time. Enjoys this final run.

Activate Your Greatness.

Activate Your Greatness.

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