How can you best contribute to your team’s success? The answer may surprise you.


Our last leadership post received an abundance of attention – and created some confusion. “Shame on you for putting forth an example that voting against ourselves (with the implication we’re voting for others) guarantees a loss,” shared one reader. We love this reader’s passion to do whatever it takes to ensure her team wins!


So let’s clarify: “Voting for yourself” in this context does not mean voting against someone else. It is not designed to imply that you must win so someone else can lose. And unquestionably, as we review the metaphor imbedded in the last post, we can see how such assumptions can be made. So yes, shame on us for a poor metaphor.


Let’s kick out the metaphor – and leverage the idea.


It’s shocking – staggering, really – how many people want, wish and hope their team will perform better, yet they severely limit their own contributions to others and the team. How does this happen? Ask yourself,

– Am I my own worst critic? Does my self-criticism build my confidence or destroy it? On a regular basis, am I showing up “off a roll” just hoping to slog through another day or am I doing my best so I can be my best and give my best to others?

– Am I retelling old stories about who’s a jerk and what’s making my life difficult, thus sabotaging any chances of a productive mindset, or am I using every day to create a new script, a new, more productive story?


How can you give anything to someone else if you can’t hold it yourself? Those who lack the awareness demonstrated in the questions above move through their day “voting against themselves.” (Rats! There we go again with the metaphor!) As a result, these people have little to give others and their organization.


How can you best contribute to your team’s success? Take regular steps to be the best you. That’s what your teammates are asking for.

Activate Your Greatness.

Activate Your Greatness.

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