Bah humbug.


There are those who would suggest December (with its holidays) means a “productivity slump” for the team.




Productivity declines if the boss manages from the paradigm that his team is only productive if they’re churning out widgets or sitting at their desk. These are often the same bosses who are addicted to the latest “tricks” to motivate an otherwise burned-out employee base.


December can be the most productive month of the year – when we clarify, focus and develop the causes of what drives great productivity. For example, which team would you bet on in 2013?


A) The organization that bleeds just a bit more and presses out one more widget only for the sake of maximizing shareholder wealth?




B) The team that delivers on objectives and further develops an unbreakable bond, celebrates with gratitude, and is actually fulfilled?


The Holidays are not a “check-the-box” exercise. In fact, they’re the perfect opportunity to increase productivity – if we celebrate them for the right reasons.


What are your reasons for celebrating this year?


We’re creating a community of leaders who understand celebrating is just one element of fulfillment. Share your thoughts with other leaders below.




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