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What type of courage does your team need?


Some emphasize a bravery where people fight the tolerance of poor performance. If something is wrong, say something! Management pleads.


This courage is always needed. In some companies destructive behaviors have endured so long they’ve become cultural norms. It’s essential to stand against them.


If, however, your intuition tells you there’s more to courage than pointing fingers at distractors, trust yourself. There’s another courage most organizations desperately need:


– The audacity to invest in the team’s success before our own.

– The nerve to speak out and say, “That was my mistake. I apologize.”
– The guts to let others have the glory.
– The fearlessness to say “I believe we can” when others collect evidence of the contrary.
– The mettle to publicly express appreciation for a colleague and their efforts.


If something is right, say something. We will be different if we do this more. And so will our results.


It takes a certain type of courage to be exceptional.


Activate Your Greatness.

Activate Your Greatness.

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