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It stinks. It’s tough. We’re doomed either way. (How do we get out of this?)
What if… we’re perfect for this situation? What happens if everything we’ve ever done and decided… has brought us to this moment – and we’re the perfect team to move this woeful situation forward?
An executive team we work with had to change their organization’s business model because the company wasn’t making money. The new model meant fewer employees. (Still, it would result in more employees than if they went out of business.) Some people, whom they recruited and who uprooted their families to join them, would be let go. The pain was palpable.
You know people like those on this leadership team. They’re your neighbors and friends – good to the core. They’re exceptional human beings facing difficult and extreme circumstances.
Their choices? Be victims. Delay the inevitable. Crumble. Question their ability.
Or… be accountable.
Inspired teams don’t see accountability as a choice. It’s an obligation. Modeling their values is the only option. Therefore, they have the presence, humility, fortitude, focus, empathy, vision – the courage – to take responsibility. They may not want to do what has to be done, but they’re the perfect team to do it right.
The team identified about delivered on their plan: They improved business performance in a manner that modeled empathy, fostered two-way information flow, and developed greater trust with each employee.
Your team possesses all the right people to fail. You also have all the people to succeed.
The reason your team is in the position it’s currently in is to prove you’re the perfect team for the job. Be accountable to the greatness you possess.

Excerpt from: ONE Team Book, Activation Point #36



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