The post below is an email sent by Brian Hart of Kellogg’s to our very own Steven Vannoy. Steve was touched so much that we wanted to share Brian’s inspiring message with you. What Forward Focus Question will you ask today that makes a difference in someone’s life? Thank you, Brian, for allowing us to share this message.



I hope this finds you well and that you and Barb are truly enjoying your sabbatical.  I wanted to take a minute and share a quick story that I thought you would enjoy.


My 89-year-old mother is in an assisted living facility.  I get to see her most Saturday’s and Sunday’s.  Through my visits I have become friends with a nurse who works every other weekend.  So I typically run into this nurse 2-times every other week.  A couple of months ago I started asking her forward focused questions.  Basic ones like:

–          What has been the best part of your day?

–          Tell me something you did well today…

–          What are you most looking forward to this week?

–          What was the best thing that happened for you last week?

You get the idea.


Through the course of these couple of months she has told me she really looks forward to my questions and how much she enjoys them.  Then she dropped the real kicker – she told me that me asking her those questions and what they cause her to focus on in answering them has made her feel better about herself than she has ever felt in her life!


To me, this speaks to the true power of the forward focused questions and what you helped me learn through Pathways to Leadership.  I gave her my copy of The 10 Greatest Gifts as well.  Since she has three children, I believe there are numerous other learning’s and life lessons she will be able to receive as she reads it.


Thank you for the gift you gave me.  I wanted to share how I was able to give a portion of it to a relative stranger and what a profound effect it made on her.


Best regards,



Activate Your Greatness.

Activate Your Greatness.

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