In these challenging economic times we often hear about organizations declaring a War on Waste.  With great acclaim, endless expenses are questioned and cut.  Printing costs, travel, advertising, inventory and shipping are just a few that are under the microscope.  It is good to review these expenses and with most organizations, legitimate and substantial savings can be realized.


But there is a huge elephant in the office and almost everyone knows it.  The greatest waste, the tragic waste that is destroying your competitive advantage, driving your best people out the door, and collapsing your bottom line isn’t materials, inventory and fuel costs.  There is a wasted resource that is vastly more expensive… It is the waste of your “people potential.”


When 72% of the workforce is disengaged, (Gallup 08) it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to calculate the enormous cost in lost ideas, lost discretionary effort, lost time in unproductive meetings, and the inability to move results forward.


But there’s some very good news.  With few exceptions, every single one of those 72%ers wants to be great.  They want to leverage their potential as much as you want them to.  In fact, at one time, they were not one of your wasted resources.  They wanted to be part of a great team and make a difference every day, just like you and me.


Alas, we know we’re preaching to the choir here.  Nearly everyone reading this blog knows that Culture – how people work and lead together – determines whether those 72%ers stay engaged or not.


Culture, the mother of all strategies, determines whether you truly win the war on waste.

When you fully engage your enormous “people potential” resource, what is possible?  Our partners who are consistently operating at this level, report that they are able to double their output and results.  Printing, shipping and travel waste pale compared to people potential waste!

Here are three ideas to continue to build your culture and people, and engage your 72%ers.


– Ask your team members what kind of environment and culture they would like to work in that

  would allow them to enjoy their work more and become even more productive.

– Ask your team members how you can do a better job leading and support them.

– Then ask them why moving in this direction is so important to them.


How will you rocket by your competition today by winning the “real” war on waste?

Activate Your Greatness.

Activate Your Greatness.

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