The Simple Truth

Simple isn’t easy. It’s difficult.
While most organizations promote simplicity as a principle in operations, the few who succeed begin with this wisdom: Simple and easy are rarely synonymous.
“My work isn’t simple!” is often a complaint meant to communicate “My day isn’t easy.”
-Stating your opinion is easy, aligning with others requires daily discipline.

-Demanding people do things your way is easy, collaborating with others demands understanding.

-Identifying other people’s problems is easy, creating solutions for your issues is tricky.

-Acting as though your function is king is easy, supporting others in their pursuit of excellence requires character.

-Focusing on yourself is easy, centering everything you do on a fickle customer is a challenge.
A dedication to discipline, collaboration, solutions and character – all in the context of the customer – brings simplicity.
A leader I admire put it this way: “Simplicity does not precede complexity; it follows.”
Will the work your team does today ensure simplicity follows tomorrow?

(Bammm: D.O.)



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