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There’s an important shift taking place: Increasingly leaders are seeking an “ownership” mentality in those they lead. This after years of working to get “buy in.” Those team members who can execute the difference between the two approaches will have a different future than those who can’t.


–          If I’m attempting to get you to buy-in, I can anticipate your resistance. Few want to be sold anything. Creating ownership informs others that you desire their wisdom in the early stages of development.


–          Getting others to buy-in means I have to rely on my power of persuasion. (There’s a reason I didn’t stay in sales.) Developing ownership means we get to discover a power in the diversity of our motivations. People own things for different reasons. (Don’t push your motivations on me, thank you kindly.)


–          Buy-in wreaks havoc in a culture because it divides the informed from the non-informed. I appear to know something you don’t. Ownership requires transparency.


–          Buy-in means I’ll have to get busy later holding you accountable. After all, the idea wasn’t yours – it was mine. Accomplishing ownership inspires responsibility.


Buy-in or ownership: Which is your team attempting to achieve? Your answer predicts your leadership requirements in the future.




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