We’ve had a special request to share our blog from February 2008 that talks about the importance of focus because it is relevant to the current business climate. So here goes.

The marathon is beginning. You’re at the starting line. Suddenly, you look at the contestants around you – and are shocked! One person has a piano strapped to their back. Another is pulling a bath tub. And there’s someone carrying an elephant!


As crazy as this sounds, consider that many people bring similar burdens to their day and it destroys their chances for success.

Backward Focus Thinking:

  • “This project is going to be tough,” says a colleague as she starts a meeting.
  • “We’re going to take a hit in employee morale,” laments a teammate as an initiative is launched.
  • “Productivity is going to dive when word spreads about this,” shares a well-intentioned employee – who is not adequately skilled.

Do you see the burdens these competitors are carrying as they enter the race? Yet, what they’re concerned about is real. So how do they best compete?

Forward Focus Approach:

A team led by a woman named Natasha knows the key: “It’s all about focus,” she says. “Because we go towards our focus, as we enter any change initiative, we’re going to create more of whatever we focus on.”

Natasha and her team take it further. They ensure greater results by addressing concerns directly – and in a way that creates greater results. Here’s how they turned the above concerns (burdens) around:

  • “How do we simplify this project?”
  • “What can we do to build employee morale through this?”
  • “What steps can we take to increase productivity during this change?”

What subtle backward-focused attitudes are you carrying around? Unload those burdens by changing your focus.

Activate Your Greatness.

Activate Your Greatness.

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