Did you celebrate Leadership Day this past weekend?

Sunday, in the United States, was “Mother’s Day,” a time to celebrate and thank your mom for her significance. Most countries around the world have similar celebrations throughout the year.

And the savvy leaders reading this know that the day has been misnamed. It’s not really Mother’s Day. It’s Leadership Day.This past weekend, did you thank your Mom for her leadership? As our friend Rich says, “Your mother is the first leader you ever know! And they provide the model for firmness and courage that shapes and affects most everything we do today.”

So all in favor of changing the name of Mothers Day to Leadership Day shout “I do!” For its mother’s leadership lessons that carry the most successful businesses forward:

  • “Rise and shine!” was more than a wake-up call. It was an understanding that you can be better than you were yesterday, and this remains one of the greatest reasons for getting out of bed in the morning;
  • Listening is an art, and saying, “I understand,” builds bonds that are unbreakable;
  • Insisting you do your homework reminds us that vision without execution is meaningless;
  • Playing well with others is more important than being the smartest kid on the block and having no one to play with;
  • Waiting for everyone to sit down before you pick up your dinner fork shows a respect of others that will get you invited back to the table;
  • The lessons you’ll remember most aren’t the ones mom lectured you on, it’s the wisdom she ensured you discovered;
  • Skinned knees and “owies” are to be treasured. They let the world know you’re “going for it;”
  • Calling each other names won’t break bones, but it breaks bonds. The family is only as strong as the weakest relationship.

And mother’s greatest leadership lesson?

Remember that having a positive spread sheet isn’t much fun if it doesn’t come with a cookie sheet full of those steaming, oozing chocolate chip cookies: Enjoy the journey.

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Activate Your Greatness.

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