• Some teammates are filled with fear
  • Others are bewildered
  • A few are dismissive
  • There’s one who can’t stop talking about the opportunities in front of us
  • Some are still trying to figure out how to
    log-in to the virtual platform
  • One group is obsessed by what-if scenarios
  • There’s another who seems in shock
  • And then there’s you: The one who feels all of the above.

What do you say to your team? What question do you ask that centers everyone and focuses the team?

There are landmarks in humanity’s history where the oldest question remains the most powerful: How are you doing? The moment we’re in now will become tomorrow’s marker for those that follow. (Another reason why how you lead matters.)

And as powerful as it will be to hear answers from your teammates to that age-old question, it’s the three words you say after they have answered that will have the most profound impact. Once they declare how they are doing, instead of telling them what they should do, giving a motivational speech, or telling them how you are doing, make this request:

Tell me more.

Tell me more about how you feel right now. Tell me more about what you’re thinking. Tell me more about your family, your fears, your confusion, your optimism, your plan.

Tell me more about what it’s like to be you right now. Because as your leader, if you’ll give me that information, I can work for you. I’ll make sure you’re validated, seen, and your voice is heard as we get through this – together.

Tell me more.

P.S. The response to the invitation for the video casts has been remarkable, nearly staggering. (It’s energizing knowing there are so many collaborative leaders who want to mobilize hearts and minds.) In case you missed it: In a few days we press “go” and will deliver short, practical ideas to support teams in having the discussions they need to have during this period of acute change. To opt in you can sign up here. It’s free; there are no expectations (other than we all be the leaders our people deserve during this time).

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Activate Your Greatness.

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