The two cars nearly collided. And it wouldn’t have been a surprise if they had. The parking lot was overflowing; there were too many cars for too few spaces. Holiday shoppers were everywhere, hustling with an annual determination we all recognize.

I waited for the inevitable: The honking horn, the raised fist (or another signaled gesture), and perhaps a shouted obscenity. But to my surprise, there was nothing. Only patience, a nod of the head by one of the drivers, and then a peaceful resolution as the two cars went their own way.

Whew. Pass the eggnog, please.

Sometimes we see the opposite: In a season dedicated by so many to joy and gratitude, behaviors are demonstrated that remind us that you can’t schedule human excellence. But this was different. These were two people who were able to model that being the bigger person isn’t reserved for family or a single day on the calendar.

Being at their best is who they are.

As team members, who are we? Do we bring our best all the time? Or do we reserve human excellence for a crisis with a customer, a recall, or the desperate act to hit a number by the end of the quarter?

Are we bringing our best to every situation because it’s who we are?

We can do this. Together. And when we do, we’ll transform not only what we achieve. We’ll realize an experience that will differentiate our days.

‘Tis the season for our best (and the next day and the day after that).


How to Demonstrate Managerial Courage

Activate Your Greatness.

Activate Your Greatness.

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