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How much did 2012 cost?


You sacrificed. You invested. You gave of yourself. Was it worth it?


The beginning of a new year is not the time to lament, regret or carry disappointment. It is the perfect time to ask: What do I want this year? And what am I willing to give to get it?


If you have a good supervisor, they’re asking you the first question – and telling you the answer to the second. If you report to an exceptional leader, they’re asking you the second question, too.


Of course, you already know that if you don’t ask yourself these questions, you can safely predict your future…because 365 days from now will look a lot like this one.


Here’s to making the future, with its endless opportunities, ridiculously difficult to predict. Here’s to making your efforts count.



What other questions are key to predicting your future? Share with other leaders below.


Activate Your Greatness.

Activate Your Greatness.

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