Are you serious about achieving break-through innovation and results? Need to shake things up on your team? Get radical: These two leadership actions will turn heads – and pay big dividends.


Radical action #1: Your customer is not the priority. (Can you hear the guy down in the corner shrieking?) Obviously, you need to please those paying your bills, or you won’t be paying bills for long. But consider the mentality of “serve the customer at all costs” is costing too much. And what’s the biggest expense? Your team’s health. For the sake of producing the perfect widget, if people can’t breathe, can’t create, can’t innovate, can’t balance, can’t build energy, can’t live their values and their lives, then something is awry. (What’s the difference between greatest purpose – and greatest priority?)


If the airplane loses cabin pressure, there’s a reason you first put on your own oxygen mask before you assist anyone else.


It’s a fact: The quality of the widget is a function of the quality of the person and team. Therefore, what happens if your MBA professor was wrong? What happens if the customer isn’t the priority – but our mindset and health is? Try it – and watch what happens.


Radical action #2: Determine if your team has heart – and how big it is. Engagement surveys are all the rage. Consider there’s something more. Fans at a soccer game are engaged, but they don’t sweat. Greatness is not achieved by those who are cheering, but by those who are playing.


Take your team beyond engagement. See if your team has heart. Measure their guts, their courage. See if they’re emotionally invested in the contest. Do they know how to be “all in” as they work with their peers? Do they come through the door every-day inspired? Can they manage their mindset, their focus? Is their greatest joy being the best expression of themselves in good times and bad?


You only get radically great results if you do something radical. How will you lead differently today?



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