2 Types of AlignmentSure, team alignment is essential. To what you align yourself though, is the differentiator.


There are those bosses who work feverishly for alignment, knowing (wisely) that a team oriented toward the same goal will outperform one that is not. What becomes detrimental to growth is when the boss confuses alignment with agreement – as in everyone must agree with her.


When the goal of agreeing with the boss is bigger than aligning to customer needs, everyone has to manage and monitor their words rather than their performance. Waste then happens on a massive scale.


Every meeting in a business should be a facilitated process to ensure our work is oriented to delivering better for the customer. Sounds simple, yet it’s not always easy to accomplish. To achieve such alignment means meetings will be messy and filled with debate as team members won’t always agree. (As meetings should be.)


Those of us who aspire to be better leaders are wise to remember the point: What’s more important? That people agree with me – or that we’re aligned in delivering best possible solutions to the customer?

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