Volkswagen is in trouble. How much trouble, and the cost of their digressions, is yet to be quantified.

CEO of the Volkswagen Group of America said, “…we totally screwed up.” This is worth noting. The force of cynicism opposes such an act. Taking responsibility, saying we’re “deeply sorry” puts the focus on us rather than those our ego wants to blame.

This much is certain: Realizing potential, often considered a “feel good” pursuit, is not an endeavor for those who lack emotional strength. Realizing who we can be is a hard-won affair.

It’s a tragedy of our system that some believe we must choose between character and a successful business or career. For those with character, the choice is an illusion.

Until “I’m sorry” is uttered we are locked in a tiny future provided by blame and defensiveness. The authentic apology, taking real responsibility, speeds us to expanding energy and possibilities.

The raw and sometimes dark road of unscrewing a mistake only begins with the deliberate step of accepting responsibility. Volkswagen’s new future begins now.

 Image courtesy of gubgib at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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