Want To Lead? 8 Things You Don’t Get To Do If you want to influence our behaviors and lead us to achievement, here are 8 things you don’t get to do:
1. You don’t get to explain why you slipped and didn’t model better behavior.
You only get to apologize.
2. You don’t get to share your truth about everything you think, even when we implore you to be more authentic.
You must say things that build a better future.
3. You don’t get to tell us about all your fears.
You need to relentlessly focus on the evidence that gives us reason to be optimistic.
4. You don’t get to come back to our team and tell us you were right, and that we should have just listened to you at the beginning.
You get to control your ego so we can develop our strengths for tomorrow.
5. You don’t get to alienate us when we passionately disagree with you.
You are our model for including diverse approaches and ideas.
6. You don’t get to make this whole thing – our shared objectives – about you.
You set the tone for our one-team culture.
7. You don’t get to tell us everything we’re doing wrong.
You are the one to build our confidence.
8. You don’t get to be overwhelmed by the pressures we face.
You must communicate the confidence that we will prevail.
You don’t get to be our leader because of your resume. You get to manage your emotions and behaviors – so you can better lead ours.
Image courtesy of graur codrin at FreeDigitalPhotos.net



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