A Verus Global Virtual Learning Experience

Wavemaker: Momentum for Your Movement

Wavemaker is a virtual learning platform designed to supplement existing Verus Global programs. This system provides a comprehensive blended learning approach that compliments the existing Verus Global sustainability methodology that includes in-person facilitated sessions plus peer-led, facilitator-supported, small group cohorts.

Wavemaker features include:

  • Self-paced eLearning modules (available for select programs)
  • Downloadable resources, session materials and agendas
  • Facilitator guided discussions amongst program cohort
  • Push/pull of content through user contributions, quizes, and assigned learning modules
  • Social learning through peer to peer dialogue
  • Access to the Wavemaker Community: Includes access to dialogue groups with Verus Global program graduates, across various industries and companies

Wavemaker is currently available with the following Verus Global programs:

  • Pathways to Leadership®
  • The Activator Program

For more information on Wavemaker, please contact us.