• We can honor the differences among us – without giving up who we are.
  • We can be firmly opposed in our beliefs – without being violent in our actions.
  • We can listen – without forgetting our own truths.
  • We can respect one another – without liking one another.
  • We can honor one another – without acquiescing our honor.
  • We can ensure the dignity of others – without losing our dignity.
  • We can demonstrate determination and resolve – without ensuring others lose.

As stories are told and the news is shared, it’s important to remember: More people take the actions above than do not. Those with vitriol and pessimism aren’t hoping to sell you an idea; they’re attempting to buy your future by consuming your focus.

The idea of “everybody is doing it” is seductive – even when everyone isn’t doing something. What you believe remains your choice.

Be the one who shows us that we can do this. And we’ll follow.

P.S. Many workplaces have become an oasis, places of shared and demonstrated values in a swirling storm. It’s not enough to ask your team, “What do you think about current events?” Your culture is a character generator: Ask your team what virtues they intend to model.



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