What Are We Planning To Do?One of the gravest mistakes leaders of teams make – and this occurs everywhere – is assuming that just because we’re adults we’ll act like professionals. This is the moment our plan for success begins to fail.

We don’t assume that someone wearing scrubs and holding a knife can successfully operate on us. Nor do we give a 16-year-old who’s never spent time behind a steering wheel the keys to the family car and expect them to get us to our destination safely. In all cases, skill is required; people must prove their ability before we grant them license.

Technical capability is a must for success, yet collaboration, trust, creating alignment – these and other team dynamics are also a skill. To assume otherwise is the Achilles’ heel of most organizations. Why is it that so many organizations ignore this fact and fail to prioritize this type of skill development in their plans?

The excuses are too many through which to filter; and besides, that’s not our interest, is it. We only choose to do something about it.

It begins by asking your team to assess: What are we planning to do – fail or succeed? Do our actions, particularly where we invest, demonstrate the wisdom that teamwork is a skill?

In the end, great plans only work with great teams.

Image courtesy of tiramisustudio at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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