Of course you didn’t. No one said, “Watch out, you’re about to step in a big pile of smelly stuff.” (And even if they did say that, you didn’t hear it.) If you’d known how difficult this would all become, obviously you would have made a different decision or taken another action.

But you didn’t. And here you are.

The thing is, though, you did prepare. It may seem like you didn’t, but you did. You’re the one who stayed true to you. You’re the one who went for it, who took the risk. You’re the one who saw the challenge, and instead of doubting and waiting and rationalizing inaction, you played big.

And you’re the one who keeps living your values, who isn’t blaming others, and keeps learning and then learning some more.

You’re also the one who stays in the game and keeps battling.

Which is why you’ll get through this. And why you’ll find a reward far bigger than the original goal.

Sure, you didn’t see it coming. But you see the way forward. And you have the advantage of you.

How To Manage Through A Re-organization

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