Don’t let your colleagues be fooled: There’s no shortage of good ideas. A team suffering from an idea famine often masks a greater truth: A dearth in the fostering (culture), the facilitation (leadership), and the execution (talent) of ideas. Our ‘Apex of Excellence’ visually represents this needed intersection.

Apex: Talent, Culture, LeadershipAdditionally, teams may delay performance because they haven’t aligned on what defines a good idea. Is it a good idea…because it’s really a good idea? Or is it a good idea because it’s your idea?


Limited perspectives deceive us into thinking our idea is best. Conversely, expanded perspectives cause analysis-paralysis.


What constitutes a good idea? Until your team determines the criteria your competition may have the advantage while you flip-flop between every idea being the next iPhone or no idea making it to the customer.


What’s a good idea?

Activate Your Greatness.

Activate Your Greatness.

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