Imagine you had a crystal ball and, looking into it, you could see the levels of aligned collaboration across your organization next year.

You may not have a crystal ball, but you can make some predictions about how effectively colleagues will work together by examining how leaders established their 2021 budgets.

What the budget-setting process looks like in non-collaborative organizations:

  • How much money can I secure for my team so we can do everything we want to do?
  • The more money I have, the safer I’ll be.
  • Money is like the stars on a general’s collar: The more I have the more powerful I am.

What the budget-setting process looks like in aligned and collaborative organizations:

  • How much money does my team need to contribute the right value to the organization?
  • Do our budgets reflect our strategic priorities?
  • My budget reflects a portion of how our team drives value to the customer. How we create greater efficiencies also determines how valuable we are to the organization.

Worth discussing with your team: Will the budget setting exercise we’re doing now germinate into the alignment and collaboration we’ll need to succeed tomorrow?

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Activate Your Greatness.

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