What if it’s not them – and instead it’s you?

What if their…

  • lack of transparency with the data
  • insistence on blaming everyone else for failures
  • refusal to include you when making decisions
  • penchant for escalating problems you haven’t had the chance to solve

…aren’t the actions that are keeping the cross-functional team stuck. And instead, what if it’s your reaction to their actions that cause projects to miss targets?

Yes, their actions can be dumbfounding. And to be sure, no one is suggesting that they get a pass for their unproductive behaviors. Nor is it being offered that you should carry the burden caused by their lack of discipline.

All that’s being presented is the reminder: The most effective collaborative leaders don’t require others to act with integrity before they do; they don’t allow the actions of others to determine their actions.

If the leaders within an organization could demonstrate this accountability to self just 10% more, that business would realize transformational results.

P.S. This Thursday we’re going deeper on the topic of creating alignment across cross functional teams in a candid, unscripted conversation with Michael Onuscheck, President of Global Business and Innovation at Alcon. Your ticket to the free Collaborative Leader’s Huddle is here.

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