What precedes profit?


This 6-minute video makes a clear case for what has to be the center of any company’s efforts: People. Jean-Claude Biver, former CEO of Hublot Geneve, an exclusive Swiss watch maker, eloquently states the case for sharing, respect and the need for mistakes. Do these things well, he says, and money follows.


But what if you work for a company that says “people are our priority,” but where they spend their money contradicts their messaging?


By resisting the temptation to be victims, we can expose opportunities in our own leadership.  (We can only control what we can control). This is a useful exercise:


–  What do my (or, our team’s) choices about how I spend my time communicate to others in terms of the values I/we embrace?
–  Where do we spend our money – and what does that say about what we believe precedes profit?


Are our actions saying what we want to say? What can we do better so more money follows?


Activate Your Greatness.

Activate Your Greatness.

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