Photo Credit: strange_wax via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: strange_wax via Compfight cc

You are an evidence collection expert. The brain is wired to be such in order to make sense of the world. (If you doubt this, read Daniel Kahneman’s brilliant book, Thinking Fast and Slow.)


Trouble occurs when we forget that the type of evidence we collect is a choice. In efforts to create change, some bosses use this criteria: “I can prove ‘this’ to be true – so that’s the evidence I will collect.” They find data to support their belief everywhere: We’re failing. We aren’t good enough. He can’t get the job done. She can’t be trusted.


And, of course, they’re right. (But being right doesn’t mean they are productive.)


There are those leaders who understand this distinction. So rather than arguing that which can merely be proven, they gather and focus on evidence that is true and useful. It sounds like this: Here’s where we are succeeding. This is what we do well. Here’s why I have confidence in him. This is how I can begin to trust her.


Neither approach ignores the facts. The choice simply determines what you’re able to do with the facts that exist.


What evidence are you collecting today?


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Activate Your Greatness.

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