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‘A’ players crave the breakthrough. It’s the moment when an idea goes big and transforms people and results in a significant way.


Effective leaders don’t just wait for these breakthroughs to happen. You create the environment, the circumstances, that generate the paradigm shifts necessary for excellence.


Something is happening this week – something that is testament to what’s possible when you create leadership cultures that are forward focused. Nearly 20 years ago, an idea – a question – was generated that has transformed and accelerated the results and lives of thousands of people worldwide: What happens when you equip people with the ability to be who they really want to be, and support them with an environment and process that builds momentum?

The best leaders know the answer to this question: You transform people, partnerships and performance. (Great business results and great lives shouldn’t be separate dreams.)

Today, we’re celebrating that question that was asked so long ago – and the leaders like you who continue to answer it in profound and significant ways.


We’ve decided to mark your achievements in a big way: by renaming the company! (We’re not taking this celebration lightly.) Plus, we’re rolling out new resources so it’s easier for you to make the difference you want – faster . verusglobal.dublinblue.net is already getting the reviews that indicate this movement is making a breakthrough. Take a second to check out the new look and resources – and join the celebration.


All of this from one idea, one question. Which makes one wonder: What new and potent idea will be shared in your meetings today? Will you find it? How will you listen and act…so that 20 years from now the fruit of today’s action is ripe with return on your greatness?


We’re already celebrating your leadership.


Activate Your Greatness.

Activate Your Greatness.

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