What are the top three things your company covets right now? You may have answered: money, money and money. But, of course, these are outcomes; they’re not something you can manifest yourself. So we’ll rephrase the question: What are the top three behaviors or qualities your company covets that will drive better results (which will deliver more money)?


In desperate times companies crave 1) forward momentum, 2) employee confidence, and 3) team members with the ability to see, create and seize new opportunities. Yet, despite knowing this wish list, does it surprise you to know that many companies sabotage the elements they need to survive?

It’s a huge and smelly elephant sitting in the office: Many managers slip to the “boss mentality” and create an environment of pressure, fear, and anxiety. “Our margins are shrinking – so we’re cutting everything.” “Where are we bleeding the most?” “Who’s made these stupid mistakes?” “This will get worse before it gets better.”


How do these messages make you feel? I doubt anyone is jumping up and down with excitement and suddenly feeling super creative and confident.


Effective leaders know better. These masters aren’t ignoring the numbers; they’re not using a strategy of hope or being unrealistic about economic conditions. They simply know that emotions determine how people act.


You want to lead those around you? Ask these and other questions to create a focus that helps your team create what they want most:

1) Forward momentum: What strategies are delivering for us right now?

2) Employee confidence: What experiences do we have that prove we will succeed?

3) Create opportunities: How can we deliver even more value today?


Success is a result of focus. What questions will you ask your team to ensure they create what they need the most?


Where will you lead – where will you stomp elephants – today?

Activate Your Greatness.

Activate Your Greatness.

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