What do you believe about 2020? (The last voice you hear at the end of the year will be yours.)

Did the past year discourage, disgust and distress you? I confess: At times I nearly succumbed to a less than ideal fate. The dark ways and days nearly bludgeoned my confidence in who we are as people.

Yet, with a closer look, humanity showed its depth of caring. While large groups of people argued about whether or not to wear masks, underpaid workers quietly did what they had to do (including give their lives) to feed their families…so we could feed ours. Neighbors died and others marched to convince more of life’s bystanders that systemic racial injustice is a disgusting insult to all of us. Grossly undercompensated educators scrambled and changed how they do their work to ensure our children would keep learning in a strange, virtual world.

2020 was an ugly year – or it was a year which revealed that the depth of goodness and caring in people is far greater than the critics want us to believe.

The first test of the new year is upon us: Choosing what we believe about 2020 is the act of choosing what we will see in 2021.

(Choose wisely.)

Activate Your Greatness.

Activate Your Greatness.

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