Vannoy and Ross

October is here, which means the American baseball play-offs begin. Strategy and the ability to execute will be under scrutiny. Which team has the business model that will win? Will it be the big-payroll Yankees? The diligence-in-development Twins? The we’ve-got-momentum Reds? Or some other team?

We’ll soon see what strategy pays the greatest dividends this year. But we already know one thing that won’t happen in the play-offs: No player will “steal” first base.

Getting to first base is the beginning of all good things in baseball, because it’s the initial step to scoring. There are various ways you can get to first base, but one thing you can’t do is lay down your bat and advance to first base without earning it.

It’s been said that luck is opportunity meeting preparation. A friend asks himself, “Am I getting luckier as my career progresses?” He smiles and adds, “The answer to that question is also the answer to this question: Am I preparing myself to take advantage of unseen opportunities in the future?”

Do you know people who seem to be approaching their work hoping to get lucky? These people spend time trying to look good at the right time…rather than doing good all the time.

You won’t see anyone steal first base in the play-offs. And you won’t see any ‘A’ players on high performing teams trying to short-cut success. Instead, you’ll see top performers approaching their work with the knowledge that by living and leading out of their values in every interaction they’ll be prepared for the opportunities that are surely coming.

Today is your turn in the batting order. Are your prepared to step up to the plate?


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