No one knows what the outcome will be (and everyone says the stakes are high).

Everyone’s wondering how long the craziness will last (and no one can see the end).

People say they can’t find the space to center themselves (“I’m on all the time”).

Others are asking: When do we get to normal? (When do we go from surviving to thriving again?)

If you ever wanted to be a leader who not just delivers numbers for the business, but also elevates the lives of those they lead in the process: You may never have a greater opportunity than today.

In this moment managers will discuss tactics to ease the stress of their employees: flex time, work at home/come back to the office, block time on calendars for no meetings, and “let’s hand out gift cards.”

The leaders we all want to follow, however, aren’t distracted by such tactics. They go beyond and focus on what has always mattered: They create meaning. They make sure employees know the answer to the question every human asks: What’s this all for?

The steps for answering this question haven’t changed:

  • Ensure colleagues are operating with clarity of purpose
  • Consistently nurture and advance an inspiring vision
  • Stay true to shared values

Leaders become meaningful by creating meaning for those they lead.

Activate Your Greatness.

Activate Your Greatness.

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