The Sneeze Factor phenomenon: on the first of four days of training, when an individual sneezes, typically the room remains silent, void of the traditional “bless you” response.

This is an important observation. Three days later, after getting to know each other, when someone on the same team sneezes, nearly the entire group says, “bless you.”

What’s your Sneeze Factor? Do you support others even when you don’t know them?


Most people only support others whom they have a relationship with, and a good one at that. This sort of “conditional” approach is one I used in my sandbox as a child: I’ll be nice to you if you’re nice to me.

Carrying this strategy into my adult life has resulted in being able to influence (lead) only when conditions are right.  This lame approach is like playing basketball with one arm; I’m only half as effective as I could be.


There are people who approach life (leadership) differently. It could be argued that they are the only ones who lead us to new possibilities as a society.

Your slice of society is the culture you work in. Around you there are individuals who aren’t waiting for others to take the High Road with them, these people take that route regardless of the conditions. These are leaders who, when someone sneezes (a person makes a mistake, they say the wrong thing or perhaps they even attempt to hurt us) these leaders say “bless you”. And in so doing they take us all to a higher level.

What’s your Sneeze Factor?

What is the difference between what “might be” and what “can be”? You decide.

Activate Your Greatness.

Activate Your Greatness.

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