When humans are under threat we prove that we can, in fact, work together. Suddenly, because it’s required, things happen:

  • We make the toughest decisions (the ones that have been put off for years).
  • We seize the opportunities worth grasping (those that would have transformed the company years ago).
  • We truly listen to each other (and even forgive).
  • We realize (surprise) that we’re on the same team.

In undisciplined companies collaboration is optional – until it can’t be anymore. In the organization’s that are succeeding right now? Collaboration is the infrastructure of productivity.

When do you collaborate: When you have to or when you can?

P.S. If your success depends on the efforts of others consider joining our Collaborative Leader’s Huddle this Thursday, May 21 at 8 a.m. Mountain. We’ll be having an unscripted, raw discussion with Keith Farrazzi. He’s got a new book out on how to influence others when you don’t have authority. Should be good. You can register for free here.



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