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A team in New Jersey was asked, “What happens when leaders honor the fact that an employee has a personal life outside of the workplace?”


A tall man named Tim answered: “When I know that you care about what I care about, that helps me care more about what you care about.”


The room was quiet. (Simple but profound statements do that.)


Tim offered an example. He pointed at the senior leader in the room and said, “We once sat together at a corporate dinner and you asked me about my family and my work in Africa. I’ll never forget that. It meant a lot to me that you cared. And the fact that you’ve since referenced the information you gained in that conversation means even more.”


Here’s information that makes Tim’s insight even more compelling: This team is delivering double-digit growth. Is it a coincidence? How much does it affect business results when you have leaders who care about the lives of the people delivering the results?


Tim later added a key: “I’m not talking about the nice things we say and ask when an employee starts. I’m talking about working for someone for 14 years. All that time, bosses make it obvious what’s important to them: metrics, improving sales, quality, market growth – the list goes on.”


“But do you know what’s important to me?”


Please share below: what’s important to you?




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