Companies are insisting on more from their employees – and employees are demanding more of themselves when it comes to ‘life satisfaction.’ Call it what you will, “balance” or “work-life effectiveness,” it remains a work-in-progress for most of us.


When one is effective at balancing their work and life, they seem to be good at everything. Consider the following mindset shifts and action steps to increase your capability:


Mindset shift:


1)      Experiencing a state of abundance is function of discipline in focus; it’s not created by consuming as much as possible. (Why do you make money?)


2)      Being ‘fulfilled’ is not achieved by doing as much as we can, but by being as much as we can each day.


3)      Rest – time away from labor – is actually part of our job. Our strength – mentally, emotionally, spiritually – is vital for us to be at our best.



Action Steps:


1)      Change what you audit. Instead of driving home thinking about what you didn’t get done, develop momentum for you and your family by celebrating what you did achieve during the day.


2)      Balance is a skill – develop it. (No one is going to give balance to you.) Just as you develop your leadership competencies to stay competitive, use tools to increase your capability at achieving what you covet most. Verus Global’s Homeward Bound Framework remains one of our most popular tools: click here to experience or share it.


3)      Fight for your colleagues in their quest for balance. Rather than only listening to a co-worker lament a family situation, ask them Forward Focus Questions such as:


a. What will you do to make this weekend memorable for your family?


b. What quality about your family do you cherish the most – and will celebrate this evening?


c. I know this project is intense. Still, as we work to complete this, what steps will you take to ensure you are present with your family?


More on this next week.


What about you? What are your top strategies to achieving the balance you desire?


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