As we’ve observed leaders who have developed mastery in living with greater work/life balance, two skills are obvious:


1)      When they’re driving home, their mind is not back in the office; When they’re in a meeting, their emotions are not re-living an argument they had with their teenager the night before; When they’re at the kitchen table, their heart is present.


In other words, they are present where they are. They have the ability to focus, to know that “the only time is now.”


2)      Masters have also adopted the powerful and effective paradigm of understanding that it’s impossible to be out of balance. (Seriously.) We expand on this innovative technique in our upcoming book, Degrees of Strength. Because it’s impossible to have less than zero of any quality you desire – such as balance – evidence always exists that you are living this value to some degree. Masters focus on the evidence – the Degrees of Strength – that exists, and consequently create more of it.


Try these questions for a week:


– In what ways am I already creating balance in my life now?

– What have I been doing to successfully live this value so far this week?

– Today, in what moments do I want to be particularly “present?”

– Why is moving forward this skill important to me personally?

– What is my plan to consistently focus on where I’m making progress in this important effort?


‘Balance’ is a misnomer. A perfect ratio of work and personal life is not the objective. The opportunity lies in being the best ever in each moment – regardless of where you are.



Take it and run! We encourage you to copy, forward and share this with anyone you know who wants to accelerate performance via more effective leadership and culture. Several leaders are using this as fodder for enlightening conversations with their teams. And as you serve others with this material, please include this: The above article is from the Verus Global Leadership Post by Craig W. Ross and Steve W. Vannoy. Visit https://www.verusglobal.com/wp/ for other ideas on this topic.




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