Your summer vacation is almost here. The plans are set. You’re determined to make it special. Yet, there’s work to do, projects to complete, money to be made. How could you possibly enjoy your vacation?

Where are you going this summer – crazy?

Here’s the elephant in the office: Many organizations want healthy, balanced individuals… then they create systems where employees feel as if they’re fighting for their life. “Enjoy your vacation,” is what’s said, while “you’ll be buried upon your return” is what’s heard.

How do you enjoy a vacation under such circumstances?


Too often people use half of a vacation fighting to relax. This leaves two or three days to enjoy before the final day is spent “getting back to reality”.

What if you could begin enjoying your vacation the moment you drove away from the office? Most people attempt to “will” themselves to relaxation. This fighting approach, described above, costs precious time.

Because questions guide focus, what we ask ourselves is extremely powerful. As you leave for your vacation use this “Vacation-Bound Framework” so you can transition into an experience of a lifetime.

  1. What’s going well at work right now?
  2. How have I added value to the organization in the past six months?
  3. What systems and people are in place that ensures consistency during my absence?
  4. What is my vision for how I/my family will use this vacation time?
  5. What are 2-3 things I will commit to doing to ensure this vision becomes a reality?
  6. What are the gifts in this moment, right now, for which I am grateful?

Enjoy your vacation – knowing that the destination isn’t crazy.

Where will you lead – where will you stomp elephants – today?



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