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My 10th grade English teacher provided a lesson that serves as a solution today. When students would ask, “How long does the paper need to be in order to receive an A grade?” his answer – his mantra – was consistent. With his pointer finger waving at the ceiling, he’d gently say: “Quality. Not quantity.”


If a student could effectively answer the prompt he’d assigned in 50 words he could outscore the classmate who stayed up all night writing five pages of dribble.


It’s a lesson worth remembering:

– Does the slide deck presentation you’re preparing inspire conversations and handshakes – or drive such behaviors out of the room?

– There may be a correlation between the hours spent in front of a computer screen and the results you’re producing – but there’s no causation. Does every email you send build greater trust?

– We can relax in the race to “link” with everyone and their brother via various social-media. What’s the point of having a thousand contacts if no one knows who we truly are?


The magic – the solution to delivering value – still begins where it always did: In the quality of the interactions we have with each other. When a team places a premium on the quality of those interactions, they can then deliver a premium product to the customer. The quality of our interactions – not the quantity – is where we reveal our greatness.


Quality begins with the ability to be who you want to be anyway: Inspired.




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