We’re in the midst of the greatest social experiment of our time.

  • There’ll be many who choose to live in and perpetuate fear and doom.
  • Some people will say, “I told you this would happen.”
  • Another group will work to profit on the suffering of others.
  • Conspiracy theorists will get rich suggesting “those people” did this intentionally.
  • Some will work hard to inject chaos into the system to keep others listening.
  • Groups will fight each other for control and power.
  • Several with microphones will scramble to out-sensationalize their competition so they can sell more advertising.
  • A segment will deny the facts of science.
  • Others will hide.

There’ll also be a group, a larger collection of people I believe, who without the need for the spotlight or even compensation, will lean forward and collaborate with people they don’t know or whom they’ve never allied before. These people will be compassionate and resolute in ensuring that the future is better for all of us.

No one is immune to this social experiment. Each of us is being affected, just as each of us will in turn make an impact. The experience and the influence you want to have remains your choice.

Which group are you in? Choose wisely.

(Hat tip: TH & PS)

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