When we were younger, some of us were taught that anger was bad. It was destructive to harbor an emotion that was perceived as destructive.

With age, and the counsel of wise ones, we learned that anger was good if it prompted us to finally act and cause change to occur.

Today, it seems a lot of people are angry. And many are taking action. But what if the anger-induced actions of one only causes others to become angrier? Are we in the battle of let’s-see-who-can-get-angrier? That’s a battle we will all lose.

What if there’s a third level of anger wisdom? Suppose there’s a heightened knowledge that anger should first prompt a change within us…before we attempt to change others?

Changing others means doing something to others. (We’ve got enough historical data to prove that approach doesn’t work, don’t we?) Changing ourselves first signals to those we wish to influence that we’re serious about doing the work necessary to make this a better world. Being the person we want others to be always delivers the most transformative changes. (Good news: According to a good source, most people hold this third level of wisdom.)

I’m experiencing anger about things in our world right now. I will take a certain action.


P.S. The link embedded above and here is to a report titled Civility in America. It’s worth the minutes you give it.

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Activate Your Greatness.

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