If you’ve seen this short film, perhaps you’re living its inspiration today. (If your company’s firewall won’t let you watch the video, it’s worth forwarding to your home and watching there. Better yet, urge your boss to use the film to spark the momentum of innovation you seek.)



Caine Monroy is a hero. In what ways does he remind you of who you are?


If you believe in the power of the human spirit, than you know that Caine’s father is also a hero. He created the conditions for Caine to be the best Caine ever. What conditions will you create for others to be their best ever?


There are other hero’s in the film. What about Nirvan, the man who made the film? He didn’t see boxes and a silly boy. He saw greatness. What will you do today to realize and activate the potential in “ordinary” people and situations around you?


There are also those who responded to Nirvan’s call for help. Without customers, without that day of business, perhaps Caine learns a different lesson: My ideas aren’t good enough. I’m a failure. I can’t be great. (It hurts to even imagine such thoughts.) Those who responded in service to others are heroes. Whose success will you fight for today?


Caine’s Arcade is more than a gathering of games – it’s the reminder that in every moment we can choose to be the hero we want to be.

Activate Your Greatness.

Activate Your Greatness.

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