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You’ve got your vision for this Holiday Season… you’re counting the days… everything is ready.  Want to guarantee a memorable and joy-filled vacation? Consider these gifts you can give yourself:

  1. Your children will, at some point, not show gratitude for the gifts you’ve delivered. and if the research is accurate, you’re going to put on some extra weight. Yet, there’s no reward in fighting what already is. Give yourself the gift of acceptance.
  2. The traffic is bound to be nasty, other travelers may prove to be rude, and the weather always does what it wants. Still, how you respond is always your choice. Give yourself the gift of responsibility.
  3. Your in-laws are culpable of saying things that make your head spin. They may even be downright insulting. Nevertheless, you determine your own worth. Give yourself the gift of autonomy.
  4. The Holiday Season comes once a year. And, this life is a one-way ticket. Why wait to experience the joy you deserve? Give yourself the gift of dancing like nobody is watching.
  5. You’ve got enough experience to know that 2011 will be here soon – and with it, more emails and unreast in the world. Still, all we’ve got is now. This time is unlike any other moment. Give yourself the gift of quiet mind.
  6. Perhaps you don’t need a Holiday to polish your values. Maybe you’ve been experiencing the joy of this season every day, because you figured out a long time ago that it’s not what you get, but what you give that moves us all forward. Give yourself the gift of experencing your passion to serve even more.

And in the end, know that the entire team at Pathways to Leadership is honored to be partnering with you in this important work. With sincere gratitude for how you live and lead, and the important difference you make, Happy Holidays. We look forward to seeing you in the remarkable New Year!



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Activate Your Greatness.

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