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I know what you can do. And you know what I can do. So is there any reason to put us in a room together and expect something better?


A leader we teamed with last week is investing in that “something” that can be taken from a room – that wasn’t brought into it. “I want to accelerate our performance,” she said, “By discovering what we can do uniquely together.”


There are people who attend meetings and check the box with a “here’s-what-I-think” contribution. Those who are changing tomorrow, however, are walking into the room determined to discover what can only be done collaboratively with the person next to them.


One of my favorite parts of our book, Degrees of Strength, is where we describe people who are Accelerators: They “get those around them to the point of realized potential quicker.”


We can all do this. By being our inspired self, we can engage with others in ways that brings forth a greater expression. This is the door to greater possibility.


Are you invited to meetings because you’re smart? Or because you make those around you better? (Only one of these approaches accelerates what the customer wants.)


We’ve created a space for conversation below. Please share your thoughts on why you – and others – are in meetings and what you’ve created as a result.


Activate Your Greatness.

Activate Your Greatness.

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