Why People Follow YouPeople don’t follow you because you’re smart. They follow because you make them feel brilliant.
Those in our charge will comply with commands, but we fool ourselves if we think this leading. Real influence – where people connect their hands, head and heart – is earned.
Fancy degrees posted on the wall may initially accomplish credibility. Yet, if we’re going to change our behaviors, we require much more than being impressed by where you went to school.
We want to know how well you know us. We want to see evidence that you are aware of our significance. We want to know if you can amplify our brilliance. Should you do these things, we will follow you.
Those whom you interact with today are making a decision: Will I grant this person the right to influence me?
What will you do to assist them in answering that question?


Activate Your Greatness.

Activate Your Greatness.

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